Part 3 - 4/4
Overall Conclusion

Overall Conclusion

It was quite a task, but also a lot of fun to design and to try to think things through. Overall it was quite exhausting writing all of that, but that thought needed to get out of my head to prove that there is kind of a sweet spot. Maybe you say that this is not finished and it is not complete. Sure. It´s not.

It´s a concept, an idea, and a brave glimpse into a possible future of our beloved operating system. That’s the first step.

It is a thoughtful way of saying what I think Ubuntu needs, to be a whole and complete operating system, for everyone. But maybe it’s too late. Maybe Canonical gave up on the own desktop, after a lot of people got nothing but hate for Unity 7. Maybe the time of the operating systems is over soon, everything runs in a cloud, in a browser. Maybe there is no space between the major players. And maybe the Linux desktop will always be in a niche, because it wants to be there.

Always be in an “almost finished” manner, always feeling good, but not good enough. From the community, for the community. Always the terminal in the back, that frightens the s*it out of the end user. And still HAVE to use the terminal for some stuff. Still, have the reputation of being difficult and for experts. Be the kind of system you boot when you have problems with Windows, but just to repair it, or to get your files. Being the system everyone knows for being sooo alternative and kind of cool, but never use it, because no professional program you need runs on it.
Be sometimes childish and easily offended, always in change, so that no software company takes it serious enough to build their programs for the system. And instead of finishing development for an app, fork and have three slightly different, unfinished versions.


Well, I say f*ck that. That is a choice that needs to be discussed, and when the answer is yes, everyone should push as hard as possible. The Linux kernel is developed by a lot of people and companies. Linus is the man in charge. So, Canonical, let’s try something similar. I also just can’t understand why smaller private projects for desktops are way ahead of Ubuntu in usability and design. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

And dear community & developers: Sometimes it is better to work together on one thing, to finish or make progress with it. Stop forking, start progressing. Sure, it is often a compromise, but you know, sometimes it just needs a little step to the side to see, that this is not always bad. So the compromise turns into a consensus. What I think is that all of us need an extraordinary base – found in a good, modern, stable, feature rich Ubuntu desktop.

 Two more personal statements for the end:

I hope my work was not a enormous waste of time.

And this is not yet finished.

This is not a war,
but we will need a lot of good people
not to lose.